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Main Cast Reviews  Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  12th Jul 2019 7.8

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A Category 4 hurricane occurs in a city. A young woman tries to save her fathers life. She is then trapped inside a flooding house and is now up against dangerous alligators! The great cast includes: Kaya Scodelario as Haley Keller, Barry Pepper as Dave Keller, Ross Anderson as Wayne Taylor, Anson Boon as Stan, George Somner as Marv, Ami Metcalf as Lee, Jose Palma as Pete, Morfydd Clark as Beth Keller, Tina Pribicevic as Young Haley, Annamaria Serda as Emma, Savannah Steyn as Lisa, Jovana Dragas as Susan and Colin Mcfarlane as Governor.

"We see a big thunderstorm commencing. The sound effects here are magnificent. It's raining heavily. What an impactful way to begin a movie"
We are then taken to a pool of swimmers. It's a competition. A girl, Haley (played by the gorgeous Kaya Scoledario) loses. Her sister consoles her. There is a category 4 hurricane occuring. Haley is driving a 4WD. She asks the police permission to take the path to her house, she is denied. She takes it anyway and drives off. The harsh rain continues. There is an eary mood. She wanted to go to her mother's house. She looks at old photos.

The harsh rain continues. A somewhat scary eary mood is created here. She picks up the dog and puts him in passenger seat. She then visits her dad's house. She can't find him. Great tension. A tree bursts into the house! This wind is strong.

"There is a basement, she thinks her dad (Dave played by the experienced Barry Pepper) is in there. There is a creek in the stairs. The basement is dark and it smells. She calls out "dad". She finds Dave injured on the ground. She wants to help him. She drags him on a mat to try and gets him upstairs. This is the first scene that tells you that this movie is going to be brutal"

The radio says that there are category five winds.

Then an alligator shows up! It attacks them!!! Wow, that was unexpected! Her father is safe. She dragged him behind big metal bars.

"This first appearance of the big alligator is scary. This alligator moves with ferocity and a menacing speed. Wow"
Dave says the alligators came in via an overflow drain pipe. The phone rings. Dave reminds her that she was nic named "Apex predator" hehe. She spots the big gator sleeping.
"The gator takes a bite of her leg. But she escapes. The gators continue to attack. She stabs one of them in the eye! The gators are powerfull and huge. There is two of them. Ferocious. She shouts to Dave that she's safe. Her leg has been bitten. She ties some cloth around it. When these alligators attack it's gruesome!"

Meanwhile the storm continues, once again adding to the mood. Great soundtrack. In a gas station, some people save an ATM machine and put it in a boat. They can see in the distance that there might be some people in a house (where Haley and Dave are). The man approaches the house. The gator is swimming towards the man! Then one of the gators take a bite out of the woman on the boat. The other gator bites the man that was approaching the house. What a heavy gruesome scene. Then the owner of the gas station himself is eaten!

Dave then tells the daughter that there is another way out. She tries to get upstairs. There is something on top of the exit door. The dog is also upstairs. The police arrive. Dave knocks on a pipe with a shovel so they know where to find them. One of the police men investigates. The dad says to the cop there are two gators down here. The gator tears the cop apart with ferocity. These gators are quick. The gator eats him whole!

She swims towards her dad. She is safe. The water level is rising.

"She cries and hugs her dad. Dave explains why he divorced her mother. They hug. They are both scared but there is a resilience there. Barry Pepper as Dave the dad does an outstanding performance"

She leaves him and the dad causes a distraction. This is so that the daughter can try and get up to the upper level. The father has to fight off one of the gators! There is water everywhere, the level is rising. The mood is eary and scary. Great sound effects. The father defeats one of the gators with his shovel! The girl finds the dead cops. Another gator enters from the drain pipe. She gets the gun from the cop. The gator bites her hand but she has the gun and she fires! She kills the gator and then tries to exit through drain pipe.

"She swims out. She can spot a gator. The gator spots her and goes after her. This is a very scary scene. But she makes it to dry land. The father is running out of air. She has to brake the floor boards. She does. She grabs her dad and drags him up. She pumps his chest. He ends up surviving, what a memorable moment!"
They look outside. The water level is rising. The gators are circling. Dave and Haley are now in the open outside their house. The dad says that they shouldn't splash. A gator goes right passed them. They are scared. The father tells his daughter to swim. A gator follows her! wow. She goes on top of a boat. "Apex predator all day!" she says to herself to give her strength. She takes the boat to her father.

There is a big wave! Wow! cool visuals. The boats smashe into another house with a massive impact! She is in the kitchen. She stands on the table tops to avoid the gators. Intense scene. The father finds some flares. The daughter grabs a paddle. She finds a walkie talkie. She says to anyone who is listening that the house is surrounded by allegators. The father lights up a flaire and finds the dog. The gator then bites at the dad's arm. Another gruesome scene. The dad loses his arm. This movie is damn scary. The daughter goes in a room to escape.

The dad ties up his arm to stop the bleeding. The daughter cages a gator in the toilet! There is a rescue helicopter outside. Another huge gator enters the house. A gator snaps at her arm! She remembers herself as a kid, swimming. She opens a flare and burns the gator! The father and daughter then climb up on the roof. A helicopter passes by and sees them. What a great ending.

"Wow. This movie was scary, talk about nail biting. The two lead characters (Haley played by Kaya Scoledario and Dave played by Barry Pepper) have action star written all over them. These two actors played average people put in a gruesome scary position and it was done to perfection. Simple plot but always exciting"
The gators themselves were well designed. For such big animals they moved extremely quickly. You ask yourself how could any human go up against them! This movie deserves a second viewing. Enjoy the heart pounding 1hr 27min.


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