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Main Cast Reviews  Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg jr., John Cena Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  21st Dec 2018 7.2


It's the year 1987. Bumblebee escapes his current circumstances and hides in a junkyard in California. Charlie (played by the gorgeous Hailee Steinfeld) is turning 18 and trying to figure what she wants to do. She then discovers the transformer "Bumblebee". The supporting cast includes: Jorge Lendeborg jr. as Memo, John Cena as Agent Burns, Jason Drucker as Otis, Pamela Adlon as Sally, Stephen Schneider as Ron, Ricardo Hoyos as Tripp, John Ortiz as Dr. Powell, Glynn Turman as General Whalen, Len Cariou as Uncle Hank, Kollin Holtz as Craig, Gracie Dzienny as Tina, Fred Dryer as Sheriff Lock, Isabelle Ellingson as Mean Girlfriend and Mika Kubo as Mean Girlfriend.

The movie starts off in Cybertron. The visuals are stunning CGI. Great fighting scenes, laser blasts and hand to hand combat. Optimus Prime sends Bumble Bee to earth on a mission. Bumblebee arrives on earth. John Cena plays Agent Burns. He and other soldiers chase Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee says he doesn't want to hurt anyone. A deceptacon that has tailed Bumblebee comes down to earth and fights Bumble Bee. Bumblebee defeats him. Great hand to hand fighting scenes with these huge robots.

Charlie is a young woman played well by Hailee Steinfeld. Charlie's dad passed away when she was younger, she lives with her step dad and mum. Charlie gets pushed around by other girls. She's going through changes in her life. She finds Bumble Bee in a scrap yard.

Then in cybertron, the Deceptacons try and muscle an autobot for information about where the base is. Charlie has another car in her garage that she usually works on. She struggles to fix her car. She and her dad used to work on it together. She misses her dad. From the get go this movie has a great soundtrack.

The song "Bring me a higher love" plays in the background. Charlie gets given Bumble Bee for free by the owner of the scrapyard. Bumble Bee changes into Bot form. Hailee Steinfeld is plain looking in this movie but she's still stunning!

She plays with Bumblebee at the beach, it's a cool scene. She practices transforming with him, great special effects. Bumblebee and her go into the woods. Charlie tries to fix a problem with Bumblebee's circuitry. She accidentally turns on a hollagram of Optimis Prime and he has some orders.

The army are tracking some deceptacons that have arrived on earth. Once again, the soundtrack to this movie is awesome. Charlie plays audio tape tracks for Bumblebee like "Every time I see you falling" by New Order hehe. There is a nerdy boy called Memo (played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) waiting outside to say hi to Charlie.

Memo meets Bumblebee. She goes for a ride with Memo with Bumblebee in car form. The track "Weird Science" plays. They meet her friends at a beachside cliff. A male friend wants her to dive from the cliff because she was part of the diving team. He ends up diving successfully. She backs out and the other teenagers tease her. There is a recurring theme that Charlie doesn't feel like she belongs with her peers.

They drive off and they egg the house of one of the annoying teenagers. The song "55" plays in the background as the cops chase them. They get away. The army is getting closer to the Deceptacons. Charlie has a fight with her mum and goes for a drive with BB and nerd. The army track BB.

The Deceptacons are taken prisoner but they start to convince the army that the Autobots are up to something. The army attack Bumblebee and take him down. They put him in jail. The Deceptacons beat him up real bad. Charlie arrives and reboots Bumblebee with an electrical shock. All the robots escape.

She drives Bumblebee and escapes the army who fire shots at her. The parents also chase Charlie and neary crash, cool driving scenes. The army chases Bumblebee and the Deceptacons also fight Bumblebee. Great action scenes here. The Deceptacons are defeated.

She dives into the water after Bumble Bee. She defeats her fears and finally dives a great distance. She saves Bumblebee. Bumblebee says that he has to go back to Cybertron. Agent Burns farewells Bumblebee and says "Goodbye soldier".

Charlie then fairwells Bumblebee. Bumblebee changes into a Camero! (not his usual Wolkswagen beetle) Bumblebee drives of. Memo has a broken arm. He holds hands with Charlie. Back at home she starts her old car, her dad would be proud.

"What I liked best about this movie was the soundtrack and the visual effects. Bumblebee's hand to hand combat scenes with the Deceptacons are a highlight. Hailee Steinfeld as an action star did great and she was as charming and as sexy as ever"
Transformer movies are always entertaining and innovative. The plot for this movie was interesting and having the back story of Charlie being a teenager that doesn't fit in, may have resonated with the audience. But the soundtrack really connected with me in certain scenes! Enjoy the action packed 1hr 54min!




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