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Main Cast Reviews  Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins Categories  Drama | Action | Adventure Release Date  8th Mar 2019 8.0


This documentary is about the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon. The mission was led by commander Neil Armstrong, pilot Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. The cast includes: Neil Armstrong as Himself (archive footage), Buzz Aldrin as Himself (archive footage), Michael Collins as Himself (archive footage), Joan Ann archer as Herself (archive footage), Janet Armstrong as Herself (archive footage), Jack Benny as Himself (archive footage), Johnny Carson as Himself (archive footage), Clifford E. charlesworth as Himself (archive footage), Walter Cronkite as Himself (archive footage), Charles Duke as Himself (archive footage), Lyndon B. johnson as Himself (as Lyndon Johnson), John F. kennedy as (archive footage), Gene Kranz as Himself (archive footage), Jim Lovell as Himself (archive footage) and Glynn Lunney as Himself (archive footage).

We see the text "Apollo 11". There is a massive tank vehicle moving a huge big rocket into position. We then see the infrastructure that surrounds the rocket that will launch into space. At night this looks beautiful as there are lights on the rocket and the infrastructure. Then there is a radio cast that describes the mission.

"Neil Armstrong, the primary astronaut is shown getting suited up. We hear an announcer say 'Apollo 11 is simply given the mission to land people on the moon... and bring them safely back'. Of course the complexity of this mission was immense. We see photos of Neil on earth with his children. Great introductory scene"

The voice over continues "Armstrong will take the first step... it's a time of exhileration, hope...". The crew: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins enter a transfer van that will take them to the launch pad. We see people in caravans near the launch site taking it all in.

"There are heaps of people in the control centre. Lots of man power. You realise that each of them have very important roles to undertake. "We have a leak in a valve..." says a controller. This documentary is intense as it uses real footage. Buzz, Neil and Collins get into their positions in the spaceship"

The Valve is getting fixed up. Then the controllers say that the valve has been fixed.

"On a beach there are people looking at the Rocket in the distance. There is a big crowd there. You can feel the excitement. Mission control Houston counts down. T minus 60, T minus 30 etc... then... Lift Off... 12, 11, 10... The lift off is loud! It's successfull! There is clapping amongst the crowd"

The spaceship separates from the rocket and it enters space. They make contact with Houston. Houston says "Apollo 11 this is Houston you can orbit now".

"The communication between Apollo 11 and Houston is exciting, constant communication I guess was needed. After the orbit the spacecraft would reach the necessaryspeed to get to the moon. What an interesting fact. On screen we see Velocity and Distance from Earth... cool. Apollo 11 leaves Earth"

Great soundtrack. Upbeat music. Buzz carries the camera around the rocket. We see Day 4. We hear news from Vietnam. The Houston control centre contacts the space craft. They make sure they still have a signal. They will soon reach the Lunar Sphere of Reference. The space craft will orbit the moon and slow down then land. Great soundtrack. Suspenseful. Love this suspense, you dont know whether they are going to make it. The craft observes the surface of the moon and its crators.

The surface looks interesting. Plenty of crators. "We arrived at the moon one minute early"... what precision. You know the control centre is inch perfect. They are trying to land. It's dangerous, they could crash. They find a good area. Eery soundtrack, very suspenseful. "The eagle has landed" says one of the astronauts. Mission Control celebrates! A new track begins... its sublime calm music. "Houston... football size crator... over". Mission control was measuring the astronauts heart rates! I didn't know that. "The surface is very fine grain... like a powder" says Armstrong.

"Then Armstrong says his most famous words; 'That's one small step for man... one giant leap for humanity'. What a great impact this phrase had"
I have always loved these words, they are world famous for a reason. It was a small phrase that had plenty of truth to it I guess. Sometimes there was joking around between mission control and the craft crew hehe. I was surprised at this. They change lenses of camera. Armstrong moves camera to panorama position. Armstrong puts the flag up. The president speaks to Neil and Buzz. "as u speak to us from the sea of tranquility. We try to find peace on earth". Armstrong says may there be "peace in all nations".

We see foot impressions on the moon. We see Day 5. Mission Control checks everything. They are gettjng ready for the craft to leave the moon. The flag on the surface doesn't move, I guess there is no wind or gravity. The craft launches from the moon. We see the crators. Once again the moon surface looks interesting. Craft columbia and Craft eagle reunite to become Apollo 11. I didn't know there were two crafts. Interesting. It must have been very difficult to unite them. Great high tech music. The velocity is on screen in small text. Very cool.

A country folk song plays in the background. The astronauts say "the earth is getting larger so they are going in the right direction" hehe. Day 9 commences. The craft is set to land on sea. The sound is impactful as the craft approaches earth. An eery soundtrack follows. The craft (with the three astronauts) descends to earth with a parachute. It lands at sea. There are cheers! A big helicopter halls the craft up.

The three of them walk out healthy. There are cheers.

"President John F Kennedy says 'If we send them to the moon... a giant rocket... to an unknown celestial body... and they return safely.. and to do all this.. and to do it right...'. He was extremely proud of the three astronauts and the mission control centre staff. President Kennedy's speeches must have had a massive impact on the general public"

What an ending. What an impactful soundtrack and super sound effects. High level of suspense through out the whole documentary.

"I also learned interesting facts about the mission that I have never heard before. Beautiful visuals of the rocket on land, spacecrafts in space and the moon landing"
This documentary had it all. A brilliant 1hr 33min.




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