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Main Cast Reviews  Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn Categories  Action | Drama | Adventure Release Date  21st Nov 2018 7.5


A Crusader (Taron Egerton) who has previously fought in wars and his commander (A Moor called Little John played by Jamie Foxx) start a revolt against the English crown which has been corrupted. This movie is action packed. There are several battles, combat choreography sequences and even some romance! The supporting cast includes: The reliable Ben Mendelsohn as Sheriff of Nottingham, the stunning Eve Hewson as Marian, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet, Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck, Paul Anderson as Guy of Gisbourne, F. Murray abraham as Cardinal, Ian Peck as Arch Deacon, Cornelius Booth as Lord Pembroke, Kane Headley-cummings as Stoker, Scot Greenan as Clayton, Lara Rossi as Evelyn, Kevin Griffiths as Tom and Catriona Temple as Penny.

"This is the story of a thief" the voice over says. Robin Hood meets Marion. They start a romance. We see that Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He recieves a draft notice for the army. We are taken to a battle. The soldiers attack with bow and arrow. These scenes are exhilerating and expertly choreographed. The soldiers are out numbered. The action is very fast paced. Robin Hood has great aim. Robin Hood gets captured by Little John (played by Jamie Foxx) and he nearly chokes Robin. Robin frees himself as another soldier cuts the hand of Little John.

The soldiers are getting the upper hand. They are about to kill Little John's son. But Robin doesn't feel that's right amd cuts the chains of all the prisoners and they are freed. He has commited treason. Little John runs away. Robin goes home and his house has been burned. Marion isn't there. He goes to church. The priest tells him things have changed. The sherriff of Nottingham is taxing everyone.

Marion also has a new lover (Will Scarlet played by Jamie Dornan). Little John ends up in Nottingham and thanks Robin for saving his life. The Sherriff says he wants higher taxes. The people are sour and you sense that they are suffering. Little John says "One thing keeps him (The Sheriff) in power... the money". Robin and Little John agree to stick together and rob the Sheriff's money. Robin practices bow and arrow. The training scenes are awesome and entertaining.

Little John is lightning and asks him to aim right at him. Little John evades all the arrows. Robin needs to get faster. He does strength training. Little John calls Robin "English". Jamie Foxx brings charm and a comedic element to his role as Little John. Robin of Loxley visits the Sherriff and donates a lot of money to his cause. The Sherriff is happy to see him, he suspects nothing.

Robin sees Marion at church, they talk. In all the Robin Hood movies combined I've never seen such a prettier Marion played by Eve Hewson, such a beauty! Robin Hood steals money from a carriage on the toll road and from Church. Great fast action scenes here. He continues to steal money at night. He drops some money for the people. "This thief is making you look like a fool" the guards tell The Sherriff.

The sheriff has a chat to Robin (still not knowing that he is Robin Hood). The Sherrif hates the Lords, he has to bow down to them and they know nothing on how to rule. Robin Hood raids another carriage full of gold. The bow and arrow scenes here are spectacular, the sound effects are crisp. Ben Mendelsohn as The Sheriff does a wonderful job. Ben's acting, particularly in villain roles has always been top notch. He brings a charm to his villains that is sometimes missing in other movies of this kind.

There is a party and Robin, Sherrif and Marion are invited. The Sherriff says that he wants to burn the slums. Robin gets chased by a carriage. Awesome chasing sequence as horse carriages chase each other on roof tops. Exhilerating scenes. The guards aim a dynamite arrow into Robin's carriage and it explodes. Little John stays back and fights so that Rob and Marion can survive. He is captured. The Sherriff has a meeting with Little John. He wants Foxx to give Robin Hood up. He refuses.

There is a town meeting where Robin gives a memorable speech. The people realise that they need to steal the big shipment of money leaving Nottingham. They realise that the Sherrif has been giving lots of money to the enemy forces in a corrupt deal. The towns people create weapons. A battle begins. Towns people vs Sherriff's soldiers. They steal the money. Marion's now boyfriend catches her kissing Robin Hood, he hates her for it.

Then Robin Hood gives himself up. He is taken to the Sherriff. One of the guards is actually Little John in disguise. Little John attacks the other guards. The people hang the Sheriff. Marion's Ex Boyfriend, Will Scarlet, becomes the new Sherriff of Nottingham. But Robin Hood fires an arrow close by the new Sheriff's head sending a message that he's still around! Great way to finish. There is a hint that there will be a sequel.

"Ben Mendelsohn as The Sheriff of Nottingham stole the show for me. Ben always brings depth to his characters. When he is playing a villain (as seen in his other movies too) you almost understand his characters point of view"
There are many layers to The Sheriff but ultimately there is a side to the audience that wants to see him go down too. That means Ben did his job well!
"Jamie Foxx did oustanding in his role as Little John. He is a philosophical warrior that guides the young Robin. Taron Egerton as Robin Hood is now a fully fledged action star. He also did well in the romantic scenes with Marion. Eve Hewson also brought a sexiness and tenacity to Marion that hasn't been seen before"
What an outstanding 1hr 56 min.


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