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Set in 2045. A virtual reality world called OASIS exists and its got many millions of users. When it's creator dies he challenges all users to find an artifact. When they find this artifact control of the OASIS and his fortune is given to them. The users have to contend with a company, "IOI", that hires other expert users in OASIS. Stars Tye Sheridan as Parzival/Wade. What a great cast; Olivia Cooke as Art3mis/Samantha, Ben Mendelsohn as Sorrento, Lena Waithe as Aech/Helen, T.J. Miller as I-Rok, Simon Pegg as Ogden Morrow, Mark Rylance as Anorak/Halliday, Philip Zhao as Daito, Hannah John-Kamen as F'Nale Zandor, Ralph Ineson as Rick, Susan Lynch as Aice, Clare Higgins as Mrs. Gilmore, Laurence Spellman as Lame Tattoo Guy (Reb) and Perdita Weeks as Kira.

I must say the Poster of Ready Player One has an old school "Steven Spielberg" feel about it. It reminds me of the 80's movies film posters, particularly the Back to the Future one. This poster definitely spiked my interest in this movie. The trailer was also good, describing the current world and then describing the Oasis. There are also some fun popular computer games references thrown in through out the movie. So the marketing behind this movie was spot on.

By the year 2045, the world is in poverty. A tech visionary Halliday has created a Virtual Reality World called Oasis. When your character dies in Oasis you lose your coins/money and assets. Halliday passes away but he leaves a message to his users. If if you find a special artefact/easter egg in the virtual world you get to own and run The Oasis. The protagonist Wade thinks he has a chance, but so do the other Oasis users. He also has to contend with an organisation IOI that organises there own group of professional users to profit from Oasis. IOI, owned by Sorrento played by Ben Mendelsohn, will stop at nothing to find that artefact and get control of OASIS.

Wade enters a car race. He creates his digital car by throwing a little car on the ground then it digitizes and becomes a big car. Awesome/innovative scenes. One of his favourite users, a girl called Samantha is there. A huge virtual dinosaur and King Kong are there to make things more difficult. Wade fails to finish the race. He goes to the Halliday archives and gets a tip "to go backwards". And so he wins the car race by racing backwards! After he wins and becomes famouse IOI plans on getting rid of him.

He meets He goes back to the archives with Samantha to find more clues. In Oasis they go to a nightclub. There is a dance challenge. This scenes is spectacular. They get attacked, but he uses a special rubic cube he bought earlier to turn back time. Wow. The rest of the movie sees Wade, Samantha and their friends on the run from IOI whilst trying to find the artefact/easter egg.

I'm not really into Virtual Reality Worlds myself but this movie was enjoyable.

"Great CGI and Real action scenes and a great villain in Ben Mendelsohn. Furthermore the soundtrack suited the movie, mainly 80's pop songs. Spielberg was a master of incorporating a great soundtrack, think Jaws and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"
Spielberg also shows the dangers of having everyone connected to a Virtual World. Are they really living? I liked it how they said in the end that The Oasis would be closed Wednesdays and Thursdays so that people could engage in Reality! This movie is a taste of a possible future and I think that's what drew people in. After seeing all those graphics and virtual action scenarios I quite enjoyed the real life action scenes too. An interesting and entertaining 2hrs 20min.

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