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Davis Okoye (played well by Dwayne Johnson) studies primates and looks after "George", an intelligent silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. After a genetic experiment goes wrong in space , canisters with a genetic altering substance fall to earth. George is exposed to the substance and his size and agression increases dramatically. To complicate thing more, there are other animals out there that have been exposed to the canisters. These large animal monsters go around and destroying everything in their path. Davis teams up with a genetic engineer (Dr Kate played by Naomi Harris) to produce an antidote. He must stop this rampage whilst trying to save George.

This move has a great cast including Dwayne Johnson playing Davis, the beautiful Naomi Harris as Dr Kate Caldwell, the stunning Malin Akerman as Claire Wyden, the versatile Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey Russell, Jake Lacy as Brett Wyden, Joe Manganiello as Burke, Marley Shelton as Dr Kerry Atkins, P.J. Byrne as Nelson, Demetrius Grosse as Colonel Blake and Jack Quaid as Connor.

The movie starts off in space, in a spaceship. In an experiment a rat has been genetically modified. But the rat has mutated and is now huge, attacking the scientists. Back on earth Davis is showing some students some gorillas (including George). Davis can communicate with them, he uses sign language. In enjoyed these scenes, they seem realistic. It is clear that Davis gets along with animals.

A meteor lands on earth containing the canisters. George gets infected as well as some other animals in other wildlife reserves. George becomes huge. A team is sent to Wyoming to get the canisters. The team is from a growth hormone company, Energine. Energine is led by the evil brother and sister duo; Claire (played brilliantly by Malin Akerman) and Brett. George is put in isolation. George escapes, these scenes are exhilerating. The rest of the movie sees Davis track George and try and save him. The other genetically modified animals also enter the city and cause havoc.

"In one memorable action sequence, an elite forces team hired by Energine is sent to take on a giant wolf. It's suspensful as they await the inevitable. This wolf can leap and seemingly fly. It even takes on a helicopter!"

Russell (a government agent played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan with a southern accent), the government agent says "You see when science shits the bed, I'm the guy they get to change the sheets" hehe. I didn't expect to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in this movie but he is crazy funny and cool!

In another thrilling scene, Davis saves Russell and pulls his parachute chord just in time. Naomi Harris plays a scientist (Dr Kate) that aids Davis. She says "There are other ways to work with people without beating them up"... Davis replies "I do think so too, but it's not fun" hehehe. This is one of many scenes where Dwayne makes you laugh.

Another genetically morphed animal shows up in the city along with the Wolf and George. This third animal comes unexpected, I won't spoil it but these scenes are awesome. In another scene Davis starts a crashed helicopter from the ground and fires missiles into one of the large animals. George also fights them. The heavy duty large scale action scenes between the animals are memorable. The city looks rampaged and ruined. But in the end George and Davis survive.

Whatever effects they used on George's face/eyes, it worked, he was able to convey emotion well which is rare for CGI/Costume work. I also really liked Malin Akerman (as Claire) in her villainous role. In some of her scenes she was brutal, even to her own brother. She should be given more serious major roles. Dwayne's acting wasn't half bad in the beginning of the movie when he was interacting with George. His relationship with George drove the movie and Dwayne's dialogue holds up in the quieter scenes. The final showdown between the beasts was well worth the wait. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 47minutes.

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