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I haven't seen the first movies in the series but this movie had some fantastical and expertly choreographed action sequences. The lead actor and the supporting cast excels in these scenes. The lead, Thomas, is played well by Dylan O'Brien. Joining him are: Minho (played by King Hong Lee), Teresa (played by Kaya Scodelario), Newt (played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Frypan (played by Dexter Darden), Gally (played by Will Poulter), Aris (played by Jacob Lofland) and Brenda (played by Rosa Salazar).

Starts off with two vehicles chasing a train. Both vehicles and the train look run down but they move fast. Thomas and a helper removes dislodges half the train in a great action scene. A futuristic propeller hover craft comes down and arrests them. The two then steal the craft then leave back to their base. The flying crafts in this movie are probably CGI but they are very realistic. The plot revolves around Thomas trying to find a cure for a deadly disease known as the "Flare" that turns people into aggresive zombies.

There are some memorable scenes in this movie. The Zombie Tunnel scene where we see the aggresive and fast moving zombies attack a moving car that contains Thomas and friends. The zombies are scary and the get very close to defeating the group. Then there is a scene were guards chase a bus full of prisoners through the city. Finally there is a sad scene where Thomas and Newt end up in a physical fight to the death because Newt has been infected by the virus.

I haven't seen the rest of the series but as a stand alone film this movie more than does it's job.

"What makes this series unique is the environments/city landscapes, crafts and an ongoing intriguing plot"
Well worth the price of admission. An action packed 141 minutes.

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