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Main Cast Reviews  Callum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Ian Coppinger Categories  Animation | Comedy Release Date  30th Aug 2018 7.2

Three aliens arrive from outer space in a UFO. They crash land in the house of an 11-year-old boy (Luis). Adventure starts when Luis and the aliens try to reach the big mothership so as to send the aliens back home. The voice over artists include: Callum Maloney as Luis Sonntag, Dermot Magennis as Armin Sonntag, Ian Coppinger as Mog, Paul Tylak as Mr Winter/Ice Cream Man/ Bill, Lucy Carolan as Jennifer, Eoin Daily as Marlon, Aileen Mythen as Mrs Winter, Simon Toal as Principal, Danna Davis as Jill and Susie Power as Sarah.

Children are on a bus returning from a day out. They make too much noise. The animation is cool, semi realistic. Luis's father forgot to pick him up again, he was busy at home. His father, Armin, is a cosmologist and is obsessed with aliens. This movie has a great upbeat soundtrack. His house is rundown. His father lies on the couch, he's lazy and under slept, he works all night. It appears that Luis lost his mother.

Armin has a massive telescope. He's looking for intelligent life. His dad recounts a story about how he was abducted by aliens when he was young. The next door neighbours are very wealthy. The mother in this house screams with angst because there is a tiny stain on the table hahaha! Luis's father tells him that for the first time his read outs shows ambients sounds in space (signs of possible life).

Armin spots some odd looking objects near his neighbourhood and speaks through loud speaker warning everybody. He says aliens have arrived. It's a false alarm, they were just kids. Then we see real aliens in space. They are in a big cruise spaceship. They see TV Advertisements from earth and decide to go to earth to check it out. Luis is told that his dad has to meet the principal because they think he is neglecting Luis.

The principal wants to send him to a special home for lonely children. Then the aliens arrive in a mini spaceship. Luis tracks them. He says hello and puts the spaceship in a barn. Luis has a problem because the principal wants to visit his house to make sure his son is not neglected.

Back in the alien cruise ship, the aliens are funny looking and well designed. The alien animation is quite different to the human animated characters. This makes this movie quite unique. In the neighbours house and the maid comes in. The aliens have special morphing powers and they turn into the family members hehe. Very funny. The aliens help Luis change addresses so as his house number is now on the neighbours house.

The aliens plan to impersonate his father Armin. These scenes are very funny. The principal and homecare lady arrive. The aliens succeed in impersonating the father. The principal and lady leave. But then the real father runs out of the house looking for aliens! hahaha! Luis and the aliens get caught out and run away.

They hide in a hair salon. The aliens become the salon people hehe. They give the principal and lady new hair do's hahaha. Luis writes a letter to his father that he's leaving. The maid talks to Luis and says the neighbours are not human and when you punch them, they turn to "el monstroso" hahaha.

The father visits the neighbours house with a press crew. He thinks their aliens and punches the father. I think this is the funniest scene in the whole movie! hahaha!

The parents drive and chase Luis (who is in a car with the aliens, the son of the neighbours and a girl from his school). Luis is driving towards the alien spaceship departure point.

The home care lady turns out to be an alien! She morphs into a monster a and tries to attack Luis and the aliens. The aliens enter the spaceship and Luis tells his father that he wants to leave because his father doesn't pay him any attention. His father apologises.

An ice cream man truch arrives. The ice cream man is also an alien that tracked the homecare lady alien. Luis aims the ice gun at the alien and defeats it. The wobbly mat (from the TV Advertisement) finally arrives. He decides to stay with his dad and says goodbye to the aliens.

What a great plot. Some animated movies don't have a good story line but in this case it was quite interesting.

"This movie has some really funny scenes. When the aliens impersonate the next door neighbours and Luis's dad it's hilarious. The animation style is very unique in that the characters have a semi realistic design"
The alien creatures have a less realistic design and are funny to look at. The ending is also unexpected which was great. Enjoy the fun 1hr 26min.

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