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Main Cast Reviews  Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis, Elizabeth Olsen Categories  Comedy | Drama | Adventure Release Date  20th Apr 2018 8.5

There was a photo development system known as "Kodachrome". An old photographer wants to develop some photos before the last of the Kodachrome labs closes. The photographer and his son (who never had a great relationship with his dad) hit the road and head for Kansas. Ed Harris plays the father photographer (Ben), Jason Sudeikis plays the son (Matt) and Elizabeth Olsen plays Zoe (Ben's carer). The other supporting cast includes: Bruce Greenwood as Unlcle Dean, Wendy Crewson as Aunt Sarah, Dennis Haysbert as Larry and Gethin Anthony as Jasper.

Starts with a music producer (Jason Sudeikes as Matt) entering a music gig. He loses a music contract to a competitor. His boss nearly fires him and gives him one last chance to try and sign a new band called "Spare of 7's". A girl visits his office (Zoe). She is his fathers carer and tells him the sad news that his father has liver cancer and he's dying. Matt hasn't spoken to his father for years. He does not want to go on this trip.

Jason Sudeikes as Matt does a great job as a frustrated son who doesn't get along with his dad. He is a divorcee and his careers is falling apart. Ed Harris is awesome as usual and dissappears into his role as Ben, the father. To top it off we have Elizabethe Olsen as Zoe, the carer, putting in one of her finest performances.

Matt strikes a deal with Ben's business manager. Through connections, the manager will arrange an interview with spare of 7's if he goes on this trip with his dad. So Matt, Ben and Zoe the carer drive to Kansas. Elizabeth Olsen feels like a nurse/carer, she dresses down and has a very caring demeanour. She is kind of unkept but still gorgeous. Great acting on her part.

From the get go there is chemistry between Matt and Zoe. Ben the father does his best to annoy and abuse his son with jokes and taunts during the road trip. Matt recalls simply that his dad was never there for him. They visit Matt's Auntie who thinks Matt and Zoe are together: "Your ora's are aligned". Matt shows Zoe his old room (he stayed with his uncle and auntie when he was a teen). Matt guesses Zoe's music play list. They flirt and begin to like each other. Elizabeth Olsen is a beautiful woman and she exudes sexiness in this scene.

Matt goes to that gig of the "Spare of 7's" band with his father. Ben gives him some advice and tells him to be truthful and critical of the band. He follows this advice and after drinks with the band he nearly gets the contract. But the band laugh at his dad Ben after the old man accidentally urinates his pants. So he unexpectedly ditches the contract. It's a sad moment. This suprised me, I guess Matt starts to care more for his dad at this point.

Matt and Zoe sleep together, it had to happen hehehe. But in the morning she gets anxious and leaves, she says something about cheating on her ex-husband. She was fired as his carer by Ben anyway and so she leaves for back home. Matt goes to the Kodachrome lab with Ben. Ben meets other photographers that admire him as a legend of photography.

Ben falls from his bed. He gets taken to Hospital. It's a beautiful scene between Ben and Matt when in the hospital bed Matt helps his dad put the kodachrome in the camera. The two bond. Later, Ben passes on.

Matt receives the Kodacrome developed photos from Bens friend. He learns from Ben's Manager that Ben wanted him to organise the showing of his pictures, to curate the show. Matt goes back to his dads house.

He starts the slideshow, it's not pictures of Ben's photographical adventures, it's pictures of himself as a child.

"Wow, what an emotional finish. Trust me, it's unexpected. I don't usually cry during movies but this one got me good"
The father Ben has been mainly harsh with him up to that point. Zoe visits the house and he opens up to her. The embrace. What a movie.

Ed Harris as Ben drives the whole movie. What an interesting character. He was a man obsessed with his work (photography) and he didn't have time for his son when he was a child. But I guess Ben also finds it hard to be a parent, he never learned that skill. The movie also explores relationships after divorce. Both Matt and Zoe are divorced and they probably have trust issues. There are plenty of emotional and argumentative scenes which make the movie very watchable. The road trip aspect to it also made it attractive. But Ed Harris is definitely back to his best. Enjoy the emotional and entertaining 1hr 45min.

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