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Main Cast Reviews  Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler Categories  Comedy | Action | Crime 8.2

The plot revolves around a group of friends who organise Game Nights (like Trivia and dares etc.). After one of them wants to up the ante, he creates a Game Night full of action. Further more real unplanned surprises add to the chaos. The main couple is played by Jason Bateman (Max) and Rachel McAdams (Annie). Max's brother Brooks (the Game Night organiser) is played excellently by Kyle Chandler. Kyle Chandler has had a few memorable roles and he nails this performance.

The other couples are; Ryan and Sarah (played by Billy Magnussen and Sharon Horgan ), Kevin and Michelle (played by Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury). Max's oddball cop neighbour Gary is played by Jesse Plemons. The various thugs and hitmen that pop up in the movie include: Colin played by Joshua Mikel, The bulgarian played by Michael C. Hall and the millionaire Donald Anderton played by Danny Huston.

It starts by seeing a flashback of Max meeting Annie in a Bar. They Marry. Fast forward to the present day and their both in a Doctor's office trying to have a baby. She says that her husband is stressed because he's always competing with his brother (Brooks). The Doctor says "Sibling Rivarly can be lethal... Can and Able, The Baldwins." hahaha! This sets the tone for the dry/sarcastic type of comedy through out the movie.

They then host a "Game Night" (boardgames and question/answer games) at their house. Their Policeman neighbour Gary is funny and weird. His wife has recently left him. He says about their shopping bags "You got a three for one deal? How can that be profitable for Olay?" hehehe. Max's and Annie's friends arrive. His brother Brooks says "What is that Selsum Blue, Head and Shoulders?"... Max then says "Why do you assume it's anti dandruff?" HAHAHA!

"Awkward/funny small talk is what makes this movie unique. This small talk appears when you least expect it causing raucus laughter"

Game Night starts and it begins with guessing the name of an actor. The neighbour tries to invite himself in "I have lamb shanks in rosemary" his dog licks his face HAHAHA. Brooks says that he'll host the next Game Night but with a difference. He promises that it will be exciting. Brooks' Game night begins and a man arrives giving them a mission folder. They must find a missing person. But then that man gets beaten up by real thugs that busted there way into the house. Brooks also gets abducted. But the players think it's part of a joke/prank. The players then read their folders for clues.

Max tracks Brooks phone. Its in a bin next to a bar. They go inside the bar. They still think this is a joke. She brought Brooks's gun. (she thinks it's a fake). She holds up the bar as a joke. Asks them to lie on the ground and do "Child's Pose" hahaha. Ryan and Sarah visit the office of the Game Night Company for clues. They try and pay off an office worker for info. Back at home and the man gave them the Mission folders wakes up and says to the remaining players that it wasn't a joke, he was knocked out cold and they were real thugs.

In the bar they find Brooks and he explains that he is a smuggler in debt to the Bulgarians. Max has been accidentally shot by his wife. They flee in a car. But Brooks jumps out. They can't go to the hospital so she says "Let's go to a Mob Doctor or a Mob Veterenarian!" hehehe. She ends up buying supplies and tries to cut the bullet out. He sucks a squeaky toy in pain. This scene is funny. The rest of the movie see's Max and Annie trying to work out where Brooks is with the help of the other players.

In the middle of all this madness of Game Night, in one of the funniest scenes in the movie Michelle explains to her boyfriend Kevin that she slept with Denzel Washington. Kevin handles it well and says "If you want the real Denzel... he ain't got shit on me!" HAHAHA. It actually ended up being a guy that looks like Denzel!

The finale is full of action and red herrings. This movie is fun and engaging. Perhaps it is the many twists and turns in the movie and the hilarious off beat dialogue mixed with the entertaining and awkward action sequences. When average every day people get caught up in hard core action it's funny. These types of movies are starting get popular these days. This is the funniest movie of the year so far. What a great 1hr 40min.

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