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Categories  Romance | Comedy Reviews with  Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Dj Dallenbach Release Date  24th Aug 2018  Filmography

Two unhappy and negative minded wedding guests (Lindsay played by Winona Ryder and Frank played by Keanu Reeves) find that this wedding may bring them exactly what they need. The supporting cast includes: Dj Dallenbach as Bride, Greg Lucey as Frank's Stepfather, D. Rosh Wright as Frank's Mother, Ted Dubost as Groom, Sean Sullivan as Conga Drum Kit Player, Donna Lynn Jones as Frank's Stepfather's Girlfriend, Curt Dubost as Father of the Bride, Scott Andrews as Tenor Sax Player, Michael Mogull as Wedding Officiant and James Gallardo as Upright Double Bass Player.

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