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Deadpool is back and he's more hilarious than ever! Wade (Deadpool) must battle a new enemy called Cable. Deadpool must battle ninjas, the Yakuza and various other goons. He must assemble a team in order to defeat Cable (a soldier from the future) who wants to destroy a kid mutant who will supposedly become a ruthless killer in the future. The cast features: Ryan Reynolds as (Wade / Deadpool / Voice of Juggernaut), Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers / Cable, T.J. Miller as Weasel, Zazie Beetz as Domino (the girl with luck), Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Julian Dennison as Firefist, Stefan Kapicic as Colossus (voice), Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al and Terry Crews as Bedlam.

The movie starts off with Deadpool smoking. Deadpool sets off galons of petrol in his house. You understand why later on. Deadpool takes on Criminals; Yakuza in Tokyo, Ninja's etc. Deadpool runs away and jumps into a Cab. The Cab driver is funny. Deadpool goes home and chats to his girlfriend. Thugs break in to Deadpools house to try to kill him but they instead kill his girlfriend. He chases the thug. Strangely he embraces him then they both get run over.

Then there is a James Bond'esque Intro Title sequence HAHAHA!. Deadpool goes to a Bar to drink away his sorrows. He knows the death of his girlfriend was his fault. He sets his house on fire and he is literally in pieces (legs and arms flying everywhere). The mutant Colossus arrives and puts Deadpool in a bag and drags him to the X Men building so he can recover (Deadpool has the ability to heal wounds and re-generate).

His first mission as an X-men is to investigate a boy mutant (Firefist) who generates fire from his fists. The boy lives in a youth centre. Deadpool gets angry and shoots the Boys carers because he thinks they've abused him. Colossus didn't want violence and the police arrest Deadpool. Deadpool and the boy both go to Jail. Juggernaut is also in prison there.

Cable arrives via time travel and goes to the jail. Cable goes wants to kill the Kid because in the future he becomes a powerfull killer. The Hand to Hand Combat scenes between Cable and Deadpool are awesome. Deadpool presses a button on Cables weapon and hey go through a Portal to the North Pole. The rest of the movie see's Deadpool assemble a team to defeat Cable.

Deadpool returns to his neighbourhood and assembles a team. Bedlam, Shadow Star, Domino, Peter. In a funny scene, the Bartender (friend of Deadpool) gets abducted by Cable. He said he gets "nervous erections" when he's agited hehehe. There is humour through out this movie and it's sometimes laugh out loud.

The craziest funniest scenes come when Deadpool's team jumps out of a plane with parachutes but most of them don't survive and get killed! hahaha. In another Bizzare scene Deadpool's legs get ripped off and he must grow another pair! You see him with a full sized torso and two little legs! HAHAHA. I won't go into more scenes but I'll say to look out for Juggernaut and his fight with Colossus, it's fantastic.

"Deadpool 2 has a unique interesting plot. Cable, who is from the future, looks cool and he has a great character design. Josh Brolin has a commanding serious presence which is totally different to the smart ass nature of Deadpool. These two characters complimented each other"
Deadpool is more hilarious than in the first movie and there are a lot of in jokes about the X-Men franchise and other famous movies too. The action sequences are solid and there are a lot more hand to hand combat scenes in this movie that are very well coreographed (some even using CGI). Enjoy the full hilarious 1hr 59min.

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