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Main Cast Reviews  Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. jordan, Florian Munteanu Categories  Action | Drama Release Date  21st Nov 2018 N/A


Rocky Balboa (played by the legendary Sylvester Stallone) continues to coach Adonis Creed (played by the talented Michael B. jordan). Creed has been crowned light heavyweight champion and his next challenge is Viktor Drago (played by Florian Munteanu), the son of Ivan Drago (played by great Dolph Lundgren). The supporting cast includes: The beautiful Tessa Thompson as Bianca, Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed, Russell Hornsby as Buddy Marcelle, Wood Harris as Tony 'Little Duke' Burton, Milo Ventimiglia as Robert Balboa, Robbie Johns as Logan Balboa, Andre Ward as Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler, Brigitte Nielsen as Ludmilla Drago, Patrice Harris as Padman (as Patrice 'Boogey' Harris), Jacob 'stitch' duran as Stitch and Ana Gerena as Adrian's Waitress.

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Ivan Drago wakes up in a Ukraine city building. Drago is the coach of his boxer son Viktor. Viktor looks determined training. We then jump to the United States and Rocky is in the locker room with Creed. A boxing fight begins. From the get go we see that the boxing scenes are well coreographed, great action.

Creed wants to know how to propose to his girlfriend Bianca (played well by Tessa Thompson). Creed is nervous. Rocky says to send a txt hehe. He proposes to her in the hotel room. "Your the only person I want to send my moments with" says Creed sentimentally. Back in the Ukraine, Drago's son gets into a street fight, cool boxing scenes here.

Bianca wants to move to LA which would mean moving away from Rocky. They think about it. Drago and his son Viktor arrive in the United States and they visit at the Rocky statue. Drago looks away with jealousy. Dolph Lundgren is a good actor, I'm glad he came back for this movie. The character of the menacing russian boxer Ivan Drago is memorable. Great tense build up. The soundtrack works well with the visuals through out the whole movie.

"Some big guy is waiting for you" says the restaurant waitress to Rocky hehe. It's Drago. Drago says about the restaurant pictures "there is no pictures of me" hehe. Drago says that he lost everything after Rocky defeated him. He lost his country and his wife. Drago wants Rocky's protege Creed to fight his son Victor. But Rocky wants nothing to do with Drago. "Drago's son issued a challenge to Creed" says the news.

Creed looks at old footage of his dad Apollo's fight against Drago. Rocky and Creed have an argument because Rocky doesn't want him to go through with the fight (against Drago's son Victor) because Drago is corrupt. Creed buys an apartment for Bianca. He goes for dinner at his mother's house (his mother is played by the experienced Phylicia Rashad). His mother knows that Bianca is pregnant because she puts excess salt on the dinner plate and she has glowing skin hehe.

Creed wants his mother's blessing. She is reluctant to give her full support as she knows that Rocky isn't going to train him. Creed accepts Victor Drago's challenge regardless. We see Victor training, great scenes here. Good build up. This guy looks huge and menacing.

It's the day of the fight and Victor measures up against Creed. Viktor appears taller than Creed and has more muscle mass. Great soundtrack during the introduction of the fighters. Modern hip hop music plays loud, the crowd goes wild. We see both the fighters faces up close. They're both nervous. This creates a tense atmosphere. They fight in a big stadium.

The fighters face each other. Once again we are reminded that Creed is much smaller than Victor. It's a miss match. Creed has had to hire a new coach. Ivan Drago says to his son "Break Him, why is he still standing".

"I must say the cinematography and sound design of the fights are exhilerating like most of the old Rocky movies. Close ups, sprays of sweat and blood, painfull sounds from the boxers, it's all there. The body shots in this first fight are brutal"

Victor wants to finish Creed early on. Victor lands a brutal blow to the head and Creed goes down in utter pain. Creed fails to get up in time but Victor is disqualified because of an illegal blow. Creed goes to hospital. Rocky visits Creed. Creed is in emotional pain and feels betrayed because Rocky wouldn't train him. It's a sad moment. Great acting by Michael B. Jordan in these scenes. Rocky apologises.

Bianca says that he is going through stress and that he needs to find peace. Creed resumes training and finds himself screaming underwater in his pool to relieve tension. It's a great scene showing his determination. We cut to a dinner scene with Ivan Drago's crew. His ex wife shows up (who divorced him because of the shame of losing to Rocky). Ivan feels humiliated and you know what this means. Viktor wants his son to rematch Creed. Ending his reign and humiliating Rocky in the process. I like Viktor's back story as it adds to the importance of the fight.

Creed visits his mother and has a discussion about the possible rematch. Rocky visits Creed. Rocky finally makes his peace with Creed. Bianca has a baby girl. The doctors test the baby for hearing and sight. The baby has problems. Creed is very stressed, he didn't need this right now. "Where is creed.. If he doesn't choose an opponent soon, he'll have to forfeit the title" says Creed. I like seeing these News updates, it gets the audience pumped up for the fight. "I'll beat him... Russia it is" Creed says to his wife.

Rocky trains him. I of course was hanging out for this training sequence as the previous Rocky training sequences have been very memorable. The soundtrack to the training sequence is awesome. Creed runs fast, he uses a hammer, his punching speed is lightning. Great sequence! Shades of the original Rocky series.

The fight is in Russia. "Lets get ready to rumble" says the announcer. Wow, the camera angles in the fight are awesome, put that together with great sound effects and you feel every punch. Close shots and slow motion are used. Victor is a huge man, Creed is getting outgunned. Rocky shouts orders. After copping many hits from Victor, Creed lands one heavy punch. It's now round 8.

Viktor has a big bruise on his eye. Creed drops Viktor with two body shots. Then Viktor drops Creed. His is injured on the ground. "What's your name?" ROCKY says to him. "Creed" he replies. Victor looks at his dad Ivan in pain. Victor gets dropped again. But he gets up again. Creed lands another blow but this time Viktor stays down. Rocky says "It's your time". They shake hands. Great moment. Creed wins the fight. In a great moment Ivan Drago forgives his son and hugs him after his loss.

Creed visits his father's grave, it's a touching moment. Rocky visits his son who he hasn't spoken to in years. At the door his son greets him with his grandson, they welcome him. Creed hugs his daughter. Everyone is at peace. At the end of this movie there are old boxing images of Rocky and Apollo, it's cool! You definitely want to see this Creed series continue.

The suprise stand out for me was Dolph Lundgren. He has a great commanding presence and he was the coach! Sylvester Stallone also puts in a decent performance and his speeches to Creed were memorable. Michael B. Jordan is really fit and looks like a real life boxer adding to the authenticity of the boxing scenes. Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drago was menacing and a fitting villain. Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad also contributed some great scenes. The training sequence was fantastic as always. Enjoy the full 2hrs 10min.




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