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Wonder Woman gets given a photograph. We are then taken to the past. Warrior women are in training. They are called "The Amazons". The women tell a story of Zeus creating mankind. We find out there is a weapon on earth capable of destroying gods.

She discovers that she has super powers during her training. Gal Gadot plays the warrior women role with ease. This women is an athlete. Chris Pine (who plays Steve) is known for his action comedies and he suits his role.

Steve's plane shows up (in the universe/dimension of The Amazons through a portal) and crash lands. The battle sequence between the soldiers and The Amazons was spectacular. Steve tells his story, recalling that he us a spy for the British Intelligence.

Steve steals some notes from The Amazons. He says that there is a war on in earth against the Germans. Wonder Woman steals the weapons so as to help Steve and the war effort and flees The Amazons.

Wonder Womans battle scenes were well coreographed. Steve bounced off her well. The final battle scene against one of the demi-gods was also exciting.

"But what I liked most about this movie was that they re-created the time period very well"
There is also subtle humour to cut the tension (mainly by Pine) and one of my favourite scenes was when Pine assembles a team of misfits to help him in his plight. Enjoy the action packed full 141 minutes.

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