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This movie is hilarious! I am a Batman movie fan (the real movies!) so the humour was especially funny because of all the references. But even if your not a Batman fan, you will still enjoy this movie.

The movie starts off with The Joker (voiced by the funny Zach Galifianakis ) plans on destroying the city. Batman is voiced by Will Arnett. Robin is voiced by Michael Cera. Alfred the butler is voiced by Ralph Fiennes. There is a new lady Mayor character (voiced by Rosario Dawson) that ends up becoming Bat Girl. We also see other baddies such as The Riddler, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze and other ridiculous characters that only exist in this Lego Universe such as the ridiculous Pokerdot Man and the Condiment King??!! Hahaha. This makes fun of the multiple super heroes of the real live action movies.

The initial dueling scenes between Batman and the Joker are spectacular, even though it is just a lego movie. The Joker thinks that he is the greatest villain that Batman has ever faced and this is central to this movie. After all the initial fighting scenes Batman heads home to the Bat Cave to rest. There is a scene were he is microwaving a whole chicken in peace and it's so hilarious! hahaha. You can see in these scenes that Batman is very lonely but at least he has his butler Alfred by his side.

To defeat the Joker they need to steal a Phantom Zone projector from Superman's lare. Superman is voiced by Channing Tatum. Superman's door bell make the Superman Song sound! The Joker and the other criminals give themselves up but it's a trap. Batman accidentally adopts a child (who is flexible and does Pakour!) who ends up becoming Robin. Mean while a new evil arises, it is Soron from the Lord of the Rings movies. This new villain wants to destroy the city.

Batman gets placed in the Phantom Zone. The phantom zone puts Batman in a dream state and shows him his sins. You can tell Batman has been cruel to his friends. The city starts to fall apart, it literally splits in two! But the whole city (goodies and baddies) work together to put the city back together again. Hilariously they all link their lego heads to lego bodies and pull the city back together again, it's ridiculous but funny.

"I didn't mind the silly and complex plot because of the regular laugh out loud moments"
Funnily enough for such a ridiculous movie, there are some good messages and lessons for kids here. I liked that. But I also enjoyed the movie for the dialogue and sight gags. This movie is hilarious and outreageous, 104 minutes of fun!

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