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In the first scenes a Bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds playing Michael) loses a client to a sniper. Then he goes on another mission to move a client from a building. He does so successfully, taking down several men (the hand to hand combat scenes here a great). Then a hitman (Darious played by Samuel L. Jackson) has to testify at the International Court of Justice. So a team of guards travels with him to court. The team gets attacked, Darius survives with the help of Amelia (the beautiful Elodie Yung).

Darius's girlfriend Sonia, played by the talented Salma Hayek, is in a dutch prison. She plays a crazy/dominant jail inmate that will make you laugh out loud. She abuses her female cell mate and it's hilarious. Darius sings her a love song over the phone in another funny scene. Amelia says to Darius that Michael the Bodyguard has to guard and accompany him to court. When the two meet there is an exciting hand to hand battle as they appear to know each other. Hitmen find out where they are located and they both escape through the roof in a great scene. They recall their past, Darius once shot Michael. Samuel L. Jackson is as funny as it gets in this movie. Reynolds is a talented comedian and the two play off each other well.

Sonia gets interrogated about her boyfriend Darius. She continues to interrogate her cell mate hahaha. A hitman tracks Darius and Michael through by honing in on Darius's phone chip. Their car is destroyed in the battle. Samuel L. Jackson's laugh through out this movie is addictive! It has a raucus/patronising quality about it hahaha. The rest of the movie see's Michael and Darius running away from all sorts of hitman whilst trying to make it to the International Court.

There are two scenes that make this movie hilarious and unforgettable. The first one is when Darius recalls meeting his girlfriend Sonya in a bar in Honduras. The Lionel Ritchie song "Hello" plays in the background whilst hilarious action ensues. The second scene is how Reynolds met his ex-girlfriend Amelia who he bumped into in a funeral full of hitmen. The song "I want to know what love is" plays in the background. Look out for these two scenes if you enjoy side splitting comedy!

The Hitman's Bodyguard has a great cast and soundtrack.

"Of the supporting cast Selma Hayak is the stand out, showcasing her comedic side"
The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson is fantastic and provides laugh out loud comedy. What a joy ride! Enjoy the full 118 minutes.

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