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Two strangers (Matt Damon as William and Pedro Pascal as Tovar) show up at a castle. They carry a strange claw of a creature (known as a Tao Tei). They are taken prisoner. They explain they came to trade. The creatures attack in mass. Great special effects here showing the Tao Tei advancing. The creatures look menacing.

The Army protecting the wall expected this for 60 years. They have different forms of attacking. One method is that they dive with ropes from the wall and attack the creatures. The creatures are green and mean. Damon and partner [actors-name] excel in their action scenes. The uniforms of the soldiers looked great. The creatures retreat after a percentage of them are defeated.

Willem Dafoe joins the cast as an existing prisoner. He brings depth at whatever role he's given. He came just like them in search of black powder (I assume gun powder). There is a scene where Damon shows his prowess with the bow and arrow. It is impressive. The Great Wall itself was magnicent. When the soldiers were battling on it, it looked even more impressive. The creatures were menacing, scary as hell and looked unbeatable. That's what i love about these types of movies. If done well the audience thinks the odds are stacked up too high for the protagonists to success.

Damon an Co have a plan. They want to ride away with the black powder whilst the wall gets attacked again. The phrase "The greed of men is no different to the Tao Tei" is said. The girl actor suggests that the black powder is a terrible weapon.

In the mean time the soldiers find that a magnet stone that puts the creatures to sleep. They plan on destroying the queen with the black powder.

"I saw some nail biting in the cinema. A great movie"
Having beasts as the enemy has been done before. But when you add a great cast like this; Damon, Pedro Pascal and the stunning Tian Jing (Commander Lin Mae), it makes the end product memorable. The action sequences were well coreographed. An action packed 103 minutes.

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