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I laughed at the trailer to The Boss Baby movie... "a baby jumps up from the cot in business clothing and says he would kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now!" HAHAHA. Alec Baldwin plays the Boss Baby. Tobey Maguire plays the older Tim. Miles Bakshi plays the younger Tim. Lisa Kudrow plays the mother of Tim. Jimmy Kimmel plays he father of Tim. And the villain is played by Steve Buscemi.

The story revolves around a happy 7 year old who has to deal with the arrival of his baby boy brother. The only catch is that the this new baby works for "Baby Corp" (a company that promotes babies). He speaks like an adult and is devoted to business! The first fight between the kid and the baby is hilarious, the Boss Baby has other babies in his command (his business team).

The kid and baby end up working together to take on an ex-Baby Corp chairman hellbent on creating 'forever' puppies and destroying the Baby Corp empire. There are many scenes that will have you in histerics, visual slapstick and business references. The final scenes are about whether the Boss Baby stays with his brother or not. They are both funny and sentimental.

"This movie is a laugh a minute. Alec Baldwin is talented. No one else could have pulled this off with such character"
You truly believe this baby is a business man. The Boss Baby does some dialogue from the very business movie "Glen Garry Glen Ross", that was cool.

It's the one cartoon movie where I've seen both the adults and children chuckling through out the whole movie. An action packed hilarious 97 minutes.

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