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Moana the movie has a very interesting story line and is based on Polynesian folklore. A demi god shape shifter called Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) steals the heart of a goddess and in turn causes a fishing drought. Moana (voiced by Auli'i Cravalho) is going to be the next chief of her people. Moana wants to find Maui to persuade him to return the heart.

This movie is a musical and the numbers aren't too comedic. But just when I thought it wasn't going to be that funny. We see a chicken that eats a rock only to regurgitate it! And a cook suggests to cook the chicken... hahahahaaaaaa.

The early musical numbers tell you about the culture of Moana's people and that was my reason to listen to them. As far as the animation goes, the sea waves scenes were fantastic. The characters faces had a lot of life to them too.

Moana is a great children's movie but there is some laugh out loud moments that even adults will enjoy. For example, there is a character that's called "the village crazy lady" and she says so in the film! My favourite of the musical numbers comes is the "crazy crab" number.

"Every animated movie has it's own unique style of animation. What sets this movie apart is the beautiful tropical colour schemes, it's musical numbers... oh and that chicken character"
Enjoy the full 1h 47 minutes.

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