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Maximo, the lead character is played wonderfully by Eugenio Derbez. He tells the story of his papa. His papa was a hard working driver that fell asleep coming home one day, drove through his own house and passed away. HAHAHA! This scene is hilarious, more so because of the way Maximo innocently tells the story. From the outset Maximo's accent is funny with whatever he says but it's his story telling voice over that take you over the comedic edge!

Maximo as a child chats to his kid sister and says that he dreams of being a wealthy toy boy in the future. Then we cut to his youth where he scores an older very rich woman. Again we cut to the present day where he lives a very wealthy life with many benefits: mansion, pool, tennis court, massage etc. Maximo buys a sports car of his wife. Maximo's friend Rick (played hilariously by Rob Lowe) shows up, himself a toy boy. He's on testosterone tablets, it makes him act funny hehehe.

Maximo's wife cheats on him with the car salesmen. She divorces him. He then moves into Rick's house but he has to leave. After an embarrasing moment, he gets kicked out and has to stay at his sister Sara's (played by Selma Hayak) house. She has a son, Hugo. She dislikes the fact that he's staying. She keeps on slapping him in the head which is funny. Maximo has to find a new woman and keep his sister and nefue happy, that makes up the rest of the movie. Maximo courts a grandmother called Celeste (brilliantly played Racquel Welch, still very beautiful).

This movie has some absolutely hilarious moments and I won't spoil them all. But there is one scene perhaps that will make you watch this movie, it was in the trailer too. Maximo puts on shoe polish on his hair and chest to appear younger then he stupidly goes into the swimming pool. The top view of the pool with all the shoe polish dispersing in the water kept me laughing and smiling for minutes. To top it off an innocent by stander says "is that sh*t". HAHAHA!

In another scene Maximo meets a woman, Cindy played by the beautiful Kristen Bell. He says to her "If these frozen yoghurts are half as sweet as you, we're in for a treat". That line was simple but it was funny. Maximo teaching his nefue about "eye contact" and to "not to break eye contact" is priceless.

"Maximo is played to perfection by Eugenio Derbez. His accent and one liner's were memorable. Maximo also showed plenty of heart. Salma Hayak as the sister Sara cements Hayak as a comedic talent. She previously did a comedic turn in The Hitman's Bodyguard."
The funny moments are non stop in this film but I also think that the main "old toy boy" plot was well crafted hehehe. Enjoy the hilarious 115 minutes.

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