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I like the pace of Gold. It's slower than most big releases. I also loved the plot and the sets/environments of the movie. The main character is full of life and that's what draws you in. His family mining company is going under and he needs a new project. He literally dreams of gold in Indonesia and the dream ends up being a reality. I liked how Kenny was so broke that he sold his watches for cash to go on a trip.

Good soundtrack. Matthew McConaughey creates a unique character here; A tired, overweight, eccentric, money hungry business owner. He plays Kenny Wells. Edgar Ramirez from the new Point Break movie plays Michael Acosta (Kenny's business partner) and he is fantastic. They make a good team, great chemistry.

Through out the whole movie we see Kenny try and make money whilst maintaining his relationship to his partner (Kay) played by the brilliant and beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard. She is a determined woman that has to put up with Kenny's crazy antics. That's cliche in business movies but their relationship is actually believable!

The scene where they sell the gold mine to investors over the phone with his team was great. The mine workers flee and he gets malaria. Just as all hope is lost he gives Michael his credit cards to finance his final expedition. Due to their persistance, they dig up a gold mine! At this point the audience really feels for Kenny and you want to see him succeed. That is the magic of this character.

Kenny opens an office and the actors that played Kenny's business friends did a great job. There is also an Investor/Banker called Brian Woolf played very well by Corey Stoll, this guy can act.

Kenny refuses to sell naming rights to investors and the deal is stopped. It's a big mistake. He begs his wife for forgivenes after betraying her. The tiger touching scene was memorable. Their indonesian contact allows them to keep the mine.

Kenny becomes miner of the year. His prospector speech was inspiring.

"McConaughey does a wonderful job at playing a down on his luck miner and a charismatic business man. He dissapears into the role like he has done in his past movies. This may be his best work yet."
We find out that they had salted the samples with gold flakes. On top of that the local Military takes over the mine. The feds arrest him but later set him free. He loses contact with his business partner Michael. There is more to the plot but I'll say that it's a touching ending. Simple story line, great characters.

Was it about the money for Kenny? Ultimately I think for him it was about the journey and the adventure. It's not as fast as other movies of it's kind but what a memorable main character. Enjoy the full 120 minutes.

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