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Bad Moms Christmas is a great addition to the Bad Moms franchise. Mila Kunis is back as Amy, the leader of the moms (Kathryn Hahn as Carla, Kristen Bell as Kiki). In an early scene her little daughter says that her mummy was shouting swear words at night hehe. Amy then says that it's a "parents game". The daughter then says that they were saying "Oh my f* god" and that it didn't sound like a game at all. This is a hilarious start to the movie.

The mothers of the mom's visit ( Christine Baranski as Ruth, Susan Sarandon as Isis and Cheryl Hines as Sandy). Carla says to her mother "bitch you haven't aged" hehe. Jay Hernandez returns as Jesse, now Amy's husband. Amy's mother Ruth says to Jesse "Please take the bags upstairs" thinking that he is hired help, the look on his face is priceless hahaha. The moms discuss their mothers and Christmas. They now want to enjoy christmas! One of the girls says "Let's put the ass back in Christmas". There are plenty of One liner's like this. The moms rudley party with Santa and make a mess of the mall. They top it off by stealing an expensive christmas tree! Ruth states that she doesn't like Mila's boyfriend.

There are some serious and quieter scenes in the movie so don't expect constant laughs. But when the funny scenes come you'll laugh hard. Take for instance the scene when Kristen Bell's mother enters her bedroom during a love making session and says "Your dad liked it when I..." hahaha. She was ofcourse severely embarrased.

In other laugh out loud scene Carla waxes a man's balls (as part of her job). She plans a date with her, he ends up being a stripper. Towards the end of the movie he shows up and starts stripping in front of the family still eating christmas dinner. This set piece was magnificent, the looks on the guests faces were priceless.

The laughs continue when Kiki and her mother goes to a psychologist (Wanda Sykes returns as Dr Karl). Dr Karl says to Kiki's mother "You mother f*ker, you f*ked her up!" hahaha. I thought this was the funniest scene in the whole franchise but there are many more. Furthermore, Carla and her mother steal products from a man's shopping cart right in front of him and then the man goes "They totally stole all my shit".

By far the funniest scene occurs when Amy's mother redecorates and invites Kenny G to sing at her party! Amy then kicks Kenny G out and he says "but I'm Kenny G" hahahaaaaaa. This is too much! Maybe it's because I've always made fun of Kenny G (great musician though).

The sheer volume of super funny scenes makes this movie a treat. Although you will find that these moments are separated, there isn't a constant flow of laughs. I don't mind that but some people prefer the other approach. The older mothers; Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon and Cheryl Hines were a great addition. These actresses have great comic timing but can also provide realistic sentimental moments. Of the three the beutiful and comical Sarandon was the standout. Of course the original Mom's gelled well together again and Jesse (Jay Hernandez), Amy's new husband slotted in nicely too. This franchise is alive and well. Enjoy the full 104 minutes.

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Bad Moms Christmas

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