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Starts off with a bank heist. There is a young driver with headphones. He waits for his crew to come out; Buddy played by John Hamm and his beautiful wife Darling played by Eiza Gonzalez. The driver, "Baby" played excellently by Ansel Elgort, is waiting outside in a red hotted up sports car. He has great handling. Great first car chase with multiple police vehicles used. Driver see's two other red cars and see's this as his opportunity to escape by fooling the cops. The crew then switches vehicles and they get away safely. The soundtrack to this movie is superb as in it matches the scenes perfectly. Baby has a hum in his ear since a car accident which killed his mother. He doesn't talk much.

Baby is debt to the crew boss (Doc played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey). Baby then meets a Diner waitress called Deborah (the sexy Lily James) and gets along with her. The crew meets again and this time it includes the ruthless Batts played well by Jamie Foxx. They steal some money from a security company and the second car chase begins. Baby see's that Batts character is too cruel. Two cars chase them on the free way, the chase includes a lot of crashes. Baby is no longer in debt to Doc. Baby spends more time with Deborah at a laundromat. They go to dinner. The crew boss is there and asks him to do another job. The boss plans to rob the main Post Office.

The crew boss tells them they need to see a guy called The Butcher who will give them weapons for the chase. Batts ends up firing bullets at them becausse he doesn't trust them. This infuriates the crew boss. They end up doing the job anyway but Baby is intimidated too much by Batts and ends up throwing the job. Baby drives the get away car into another van killing Batts. Buddy, Darling and Baby leave the car and a foot chase ensues. Jon Ham fires at the cops, his wife is killed. Then Ham fires on Baby who he blames for everything. Baby escapes and is about to drive off with Deborah.

The final sequences revolve around Baby and Deborah escaping Buddy and the police.

"What drives this movie is the soundtrack and expertly coreographed car and foot chase sequences"
The whole cast suited the style of the film. It is a unique action movie. Lily James plays a subtle but memorable role. The lead Ansel Elgort suits this type of action role. The movie is written and directed by Edgar Wright, look out for him in future films. Enjoy the action packed 112 minutes.

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Baby Driver

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