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"A unique cinematic experience. Such a simple plot; shark hunts girl, girl tries to survive. Yet we are fully entertained through out the whole movie"

Great opening shots and the fact that there is a missing camera found by a boy that passes by the beach is a great way to begin. Blake Lively (Nancy) is perfectly cast as the adventurous surfer girl. You see her evolve from damsel in distress to the fearless heroine. Her athletic build her makes her feats of strength more realistic.

The backdrop of a tropical turqouise beach is beautiful and soothing. Quite the contrast to the beast that lurks beneath. The beginning surfing sequence is masterfully shot, it feels like your right there.

After the first few shark attacks the odds are stacked up against Nancy. We find out that her mother passed away from an illness and she uses this to give her strength.

The scenes when she is stranded on a rock island are my favourite. Nancy shows true courage here. I guess there is something primal about man vs beast and that is what reels us in to this type of movie. The final action scene is innovative.

Did I start to think that the real life Blake Lively herself could pull this escape off in real life? Yes. Hence, a truly inspiring performance by her. Enjoy the heart stopping full 86 minutes.

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