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Melissa McCarthy is fastly becoming one of my favourite comedians. In the movie Spy, she was magnificent. The camera loves her (she is beautiful) and she is entertaining in most of the scenes she's in.

Her character in the Boss is different to her previous persona's. She is a leader and very confident from the get go.

The plot revolves around a big business owner that gets sent to prison after she's caught insider trading. She comes out of prison and changes her image but her old enemies return to haunt her. She is assisted by the lovable Kristen Bell (Claire).

"Peter Dinklage excels in his role as Ronald (said Renault as per his liking!) the nemisis of McCarthy. He is a classy villian that will have you in stiches"
He had a previous relationship with McCarthy's character and the final show down between the two is very entertaining.

Although it's a short movie (99 minutes), McCarthy is very entertaining through out. Her supporting cast was once again perfectly chosen.

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