Film Reviews and Computer Games

How it Works

The Film Reviews section has Film Poster's that you can click on to read their reviews. The review for each film also has imdb links to the movie's filmography and individual cast links. On the Right there might also be more "Reviews - Same Cast" meaning reviews that also have the same Actors/Actresses as the current review. Note that there might be some spoilers in the review.

You can purchase these films (or other related content) online via their Amazon Shop now link next to the review. You can register an amazon.com account with most international credit cards. If we haven't written a review for a film sometimes we will link a top poster directly to amazon so you can purchase the film or related content (books etc.). Check back in the future and it will link to our review.

We review releases for the current year as they come out and make an effort to review previous releases too. We'll try and have a good mix of movies for you and we'll probably separate them by genre soon.

The Computer Games section has games that are either in "Test Mode" or in their Full Version. Test Mode means that the game is not finished but some elements are ok to test. We like to test out the early versions of our games online. Some Full Versions will be Free and some will be Purchaseable Online, just follow the instructions.